Transitional Specialist

What is a Transitional Specialist?

It is about getting all the information you need from one source to help you transition into the next stage of your life. Where do you see yourself? You may have just become an empty nester looking for your new forever home. You may want to travel and want something easy and maintenance free while you are away. You may need something with a grannie suite for a parent or need help getting them into an assisted living community. You may be interested in investing for retirement.

I am a transition specialist and I can help you by giving you information on all of your available options so you can find the place that is just right for you.

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Downsizing or “Right-sizing”?

It is important to start thinking about your future housing needs. Could you see yourself in a condo or apartment offering amenities, or perhaps a mobile/modular home where you can meet some new friends? Maybe you’d like a small house on a quiet street in the summer and vacation home through the winter. What could be essential in your home as you move forward? Take the following into consideration:

  • In your retirement, what will your monthly budget be for housing expenses?
  • What are some of your must-haves as far as location, space, storage?
  • Will you want to be close to family and friends?
  • Will you want someplace quiet or would you like a social aspect?
  • Will you want to be close to any specific services, facilities or public transit?
  • Will you need specific accommodations for health or mobility needs?
  • How much home or yard maintenance will you want to do?
  • Is it important that you could just lock the door and leave for extended periods?
Whether you like to golf or play tennis, spend the day at a spa, enjoy a little fun at the casino, relax on the beach or whatever it is that you look forward to doing, put all of those “must-haves” in the plan for your future!

Aging in Place

Aging in place is being able to continue living in your own home, safely and independently, as you grow older and your needs change.

Whether you are looking to find a suitable home or you are interested in building one, you will need to choose the perfect floorplan with the features that make it possible for you to live the lifestyle of your choice throughout your golden years taking into account your present and future needs.

Common floorplan concepts for retirement living in your home are – single storey living, limiting steps, open floor plans and wider doorways and hallways. It will be important to be able to add features such as non-slip surfaces, accommodating showers, easy access shelving/storage to name a few. You may want some lifestyle features as well such as a gourmet kitchen, lavish outdoor area or in-home theatre.

I can help you find a home that will incorporate features for aging in place so you can be in a comfortable, stylish home you love living in.

Looking for a Vacation Home?

Where do you start? There are so many beautiful spots to be had in breathtaking Ontario.

This is a great task for a realtor. Through RE/MAX I have the advantage of having connections right across our great province. Anywhere you want to be, I can support you and work in your best interest to find you the perfect vacation home. Whether it be close to home along the shores of Lake Huron or the St. Clair River, the unique and welcoming community of Gravenhurst or Pelee Island with its lakeside charm, have a realtor on your side to help find your home away from home.

Would you like to be in an active living community or area?

Sarnia-Lambton offers many options for active living, all designed for fun and enjoyment. There are communities with homes on golf courses, gated communities, as well as homes with healthcare on-site. You can choose the lifestyle that is right up your alley!

Many communities offer many benefits or have transportation to get you there. If you have an interest in any of these amentities, this place is for you: golf courses, tennis and bocce courts, pools and whirlpools, spa and wellness centres, walking and biking paths and gambling & casino facilities.

Are You Helping A Parent?

It can be an eye opener

Selling a parent or senior’s home really is different and can be much more challenging. You will most likely be dealing with complex decisions and several unique issues during the process. Though seniors usually make the decision to sell, often times they include their adult children in the process.

Ready to Sell

For most seniors, their net worth is in their home so getting the maximum price for their home is most important. Many seniors are living on a fixed income; therefore the equity in their home becomes an integral part of their overall financial stability. Once the decision to sell has been made it is important that the family acknowledge the home as an investment. The goal is to sell the home for the most money, in the shortest time and with the least amount of inconvenience.

Where now?

There are many housing options for a parent or loved one. A little bit of advice and guidance can go a long way to getting you informed and prepared for the days ahead. When taking into account the needs of your parent now and in the near future, where might he/she feel most at home?
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Sharing a home with family or a friend to cut down on costs with the benefits of companionships and help with their daily tasks

Senior supported housing

Either a condominium or rental apartment that offers senior supportive services but in which the senior has his/her own private apartment. Often they offer common rooms, such as lounges, activity room and dining room to allow for social interaction and leisure activities.

Retirement Communities

A community setting for active seniors. It combines independent living with access to recreational facilities and personnel support.
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
Oftentimes run as not-for-profit through the Federal Government. These are for seniors with more demanding care needs.

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