This fantastic team does their homework, and you reap all the benefits!

I’ve been walking into Treat Yourself Wellness Centre for at least 20 years now and there is one thing that has never changed and that is the dedication and passion this team has for everyone who walks through the door! They are not just a team but a family as well. They always take an interest in what I have to say. They always ask lots of questions to find out what the best product is for me.  They really ‘know their stuff’!  They all love what they do which is supporting us with real solutions for our health needs.  No appointment needed, no waiting, immediate answers are here.  We are the reason they are here.  Whether you want to find a solution to a health issue or want to be proactive with your health, they take a real interest in your wellness.

Treat Yourself Wellness is about treating yourself to good health! Their philosophy is to change the shape of your stress because so many of the ailments that we experience throughout our lives come from stress.  It’s about educating us about the benefits of applying a natural approach to our everyday lives. They are proud to offer a variety of supplements that are gluten free, dairy free, organic, whole food and non-gmo. TYWC is known for their magnetic therapy products. They have some gorgeous magnetic bracelets I saw today! But also check them out for teas, VOXXLife products, essential oils, natural body care products and safe & natural cleaning products for your home. I keep going back and there is always something new they are offering to support us in our wellness journey.


If you have questions or issues, they are about finding solutions for you.  If you have trouble sleeping, feel tired, anxious, depressed, or sad, TYWC has mastered a program to release your stress and will help you. TYWC offers several services that can help make you feel more like yourself again. You will find a large variety of services to improve your overall wellness and release unwanted behaviour.  They have ion foot cleanse to detox your body, aqua massage, lymphatic cleanse, low level light therapy for pain, and more. Some of these services do require an appointment. But that is what the TYWC team is all about. They listen to your needs; they may suggest services as part of a solution. They’ll tell you all about it. They’ll show you how it works. For example, an aqua massage – you can just show up in the middle of the day, lay in the aqua massage bed fully clothed, get a soothing massage and off you go!  The benefits of a 1-hour massage in just 15 minutes, and at a much less cost to me!

Aqua Massage

Take the Step Now – ask the TYWC team your questions.

You’ll feel better for it! Your Body will Thank You.

For the month of November come in & enter a draw for great prizes – no purchase necessary!

You can visit Treat Yourself Wellness Centre Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 6:00pm.

141 Mitton St. South (Mitton Village) Call 519-339-8999 ext2  Email

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