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I am passionate about Real Estate – And YOU have my full attention. I’ll supply you with some tools that will help guide you through the process.

You need someone who will really listen and address any concerns you might have and to know that you will always be kept informed.

I know what is going on in your neighbourhood and we’ll talk about how your home relates to those other homes. Together we’ll put a strategy in place that is beneficial to you and I will always keep your interests top priority.

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Preparing To Sell

You’ll want to increase the appeal of your property. Sometimes this will mean just a little decluttering or adding some curb appeal. It can be as simple as freshening up a few walls with a coat of paint or updating knobs on the bathroom cabinets. Whatever these renos may be, the money you invest needs to increase the value of your home and will bring you a greater profit. Next, it is important to get a current market analysis on your property. It is crucial to put the best value on your home – not too high that you scare away potential buyers and not too low that you would lose potential profit.

Once we formulate the best selling price and get your property looking great, it’s time to list it.

The Process – Keeping You and Your Property Safe

What is important when you list your home is that you get “the eyeballs”. You want everyone to know that your house is for sale. That is why marketing is so important. The more people that see your home for sale, the more potential buyers there are to put in an offer. Good marketing strategies are key to selling your home for the best price.

Once it is listed I will keep you up to date and inform you immediately of potential showing and offers.

It is important that you have peace of mind over your property & the process. We will be sure to treat your home like it is our own. For any showings a lock box will be installed and a realtor will be present at all showings, they will leave a business card and make sure your property is secure before leaving.

Your home is priced right, it looks it’s best, buyers are excited to see it…it won’t be long until you get an offer!

Preparing To Sell

It is not just about the price, there are many other things to consider that could cost you extra money or inconveniences. You’ll want to be sure your property is sold for the best price and with the best terms. If negotiations are necessary it is important to weigh the pros and cons.
With my help a plan can be put into place beforehand with what the strategies are in different circumstances and how to navigate through negotiations. It is going to be a very exciting and stressful time. Being prepared can make all the difference.


It’s your moving day! The last boxes are on the truck! You’re off to the next chapter of your life!

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Helping and guiding you every step of the way is what I do.

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