Maintaining Your Home Is A Great Investment That Will Pay Off In Spades In The Long Run!

Visit Your Local Patene Building Supply Ltd. store – if you are handy you can buy direct and DIY or they can be trusted to refer you to great local trades that can get the job done right!

Patene’s is a busy spot! They supply local trades and people like yourself with a variety of products from roofing shingles and brick & stone to drywalling and insulation supplies. Not to mention patio stones and flagstone, garden rocks & boulders, bedding materials and ground cover for all of your outdoor projects.

Drywall Selection

As a REALTOR I often hear from my clients about all of the things they did to their homes right before they put them up for sale. They wish they had done things sooner and could have enjoyed the upgrades themselves! Why not plan on doing a project each year. Schedule it in, save some money and most importantly book your contractor ahead of time because nothing will get done especially right now if it not planned ahead!

And on that note, it is a good time now to plan for next summer’s outdoor project. Stop in to Patene’s to get some ideas on what you can achieve in YOUR yard – they have so many choices and ideas and they can help you with deciding.


While you are planning that out, you can get started with any indoor projects that can be done through the winter. Patene’s just purchased Sarnia Drywall so they have everything you need for that kind of project. It is a one stop drywall shop right down to buying your screws by the pound. And like I said, if you’re not the best drywaller in town, their friendly and helpful staff can give you some names of some great drywallers!

It is just good advice! Keep up on things around your home as the years go by. Not only do you get to enjoy the upgrades along the way but it is also money in your pocket when you go to sell.

If your roof is leaking – go to Patene! If you need to drywall – go to Patene! Building a brick and stone fireplace in your backyard – go to Patene!

They are conveniently located at 1189 Confederation St. at the corner of Murphy Rd. kitty corner to the Davy Jones Plaza. 519-337-2334 or visit their website at

Positive messaging builds up our community and it takes all of us to make our city shine! You can help support everything local – just follow and share – your friends will appreciate it!

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