A Gift That Keeps Giving!

I remember way back growing up in Corunna, I went to Father Gerald LaBelle Elementary School. I have fond memories of practicing Christmas carols with the school choir with our music teacher Mr. Gartshore. We would be all prepared to sing in front of a crowd, so off we would go for a walk down to Thompson Gardens to sing for all the grandmas and grandpas! That is how I felt the other day when I walked into Feige Denture Clinics – nostalgic. They had these 4 little plants sitting on their front counter and I asked Cheryl about them.

She said that she would take from her plants at home, then Ron Feige’s two children Delilah and Desmond would paint the flower pots and they would hand out the plants to their patients. I thought to myself, how genuinely nice is that!! It is so heartwarming to see that Cheryl would take the time to root plant cuttings from her plants for the project. Then with the help of their dad, Delilah and Desmond would learn how to grow plants themselves, care for them, and best of all, teach them about the pleasures of GIVING! Something so small, yet so meaningful!

We have so many great businesses in wonderful Sarnia/Lambton and Feige Denture Clinics is one of them. When talking with them I feel that they are all about their patient’s needs. Right now safety is their top priority for their patients, staff & the community. Ron and his staff use state-of-the-art technology for your oral health. They provide the following services – full and partial dentures, secure dentures on dental implants, relines and repairs, teeth whitening and anti-snoring appliances. Since 1972, they have been proud to continue the tradition of excellence in patient care. You can call or walk in, they are always accepting new patients and there is no need for a referral.

Join in their “Support Local” campaign with monthly draws to favourite local businesses.  Guess how many teeth are in the jar – denture teeth that is!!

If your guess is the closest, this month you could win a $50 gift certificate to Reggae Café.

Book a consult = 1 guess

Leave a Facebook or Google Review = 1 guess

Repairs = 1 guess

Refer a friend = 1 guess

Add a tooth = 2 guesses

Reline a denture = 2 guesses/denture relined

Start new dentures = 5 guesses

Feige Denture Clinics is located at 1200 Lambton Mall Rd., Sarnia. Contact them by phone 519-336-6580, by email – info@feigedentureclinics.com Visit their website www.feigedentureclinics.com You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

And they are a part of a great local magazine – read it, you’ll love it  www.welcometotheclub.ca

Living, Loving, Local is about GOOD NEWS and appreciating and sharing that good news with everyone we know! Positive messaging builds up our community and it takes all of us to make our city shine! You can help support our local businesses – just follow and share this post – your friends will appreciate it!

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